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The 12 Best Butter Brands for Every Use

Ieva Kubiliute

Butter is a versatile and essential ingredient in cooking and baking. Whether you’re spreading it on toast, using it in recipes, or making sauces, choosing the right butter can make a significant difference in the flavor and texture of your dishes. With so many butter brands available on the market, it can be overwhelming to determine which one is the best for your specific needs. To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled a comprehensive guide of the 12 best butter brands for every use.

1.     Kerrygold:

Kerrygold is renowned for its high-quality Irish butter made from grass-fed cows. It has a rich, creamy texture and a distinct golden color. This butter is perfect for spreading on fresh bread or toast, and its rich flavor enhances baked goods.

2.     Plugrá:

Plugrá is a European-style butter that contains a higher butterfat content than regular butter. It has a smooth and silky texture, making it ideal for baking pastries and creating flaky pie crusts. The higher fat content also gives it a rich flavor that enhances sauces and sautéed dishes.

3.     Land O’Lakes:

Land O’Lakes is a popular and widely available butter brand that offers both salted and unsalted varieties. It has a creamy texture and a balanced flavor, making it suitable for various culinary applications, from cooking to baking.

4.     Organic Valley:

If you prefer organic products, Organic Valley is an excellent choice. This brand offers organic butter made from grass-fed cows, ensuring a high-quality and flavorful product. It works well for spreading, cooking, and baking.

5.     Lurpak:

Lurpak is a Danish butter known for its creamy and velvety texture. It has a slightly higher salt content, which enhances the flavor of both sweet and savory dishes. Lurpak is a great all-purpose butter that can be used for cooking, baking, and spreading.

6.     Tillamook:

Tillamook is a popular brand known for its high-quality dairy products. Their butter is made from the milk of cows raised on the Oregon coast, resulting in a rich and flavorful product. It is excellent for baking, cooking, and making sauces.

7.     Vermont Creamery:

Vermont Creamery produces artisanal butter using traditional European methods. Their cultured butter has a tangy flavor and a velvety texture, which makes it perfect for spreading on bread or enhancing the taste of baked goods.

8.     President:

President is a French brand that offers a wide range of butter options. Their butter is made using traditional techniques, resulting in a rich and creamy product. It works well for cooking, baking, and adding a touch of luxury to any dish.

9.     Straus Family Creamery:

Straus Family Creamery produces organic butter from cows that are pasture-raised in California. The butter has a distinctive, slightly sweet flavor and a smooth texture. It is an excellent choice for both cooking and baking.


Anchor is a New Zealand brand known for its high-quality dairy products. Their butter is made from grass-fed cows and has a rich, creamy texture and a deliciously buttery flavor. It works well in both sweet and savory dishes.


Finlandia is a Finnish brand that offers premium butter made from pure milk and cream. It has a rich and creamy texture with a delicate flavor. Finlandia butter is ideal for baking, cooking, and spreading on bread or toast.

12.Organic Pastures:

Organic Pastures is a California-based brand that specializes in organic dairy products. Their butter is made from raw milk and has a rich, creamy texture and a slightly sweet flavor. It is an excellent option for those who prefer raw dairy products.

In conclusion, choosing the right butter brand can greatly enhance the flavor and quality of your culinary creations. Whether you’re spreading it on toast, using it in recipes, or making sauces, the 12 brands mentioned above offer a variety of options to suit your specific needs. From the rich and creamy Kerrygold to the tangy Vermont Creamery, each brand brings its unique characteristics to the table. Experiment with different brands to find the one that best suits your taste preferences and culinary requirements.

Ieva Kubiliute